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'' True love stories never have endings."

We can't wait to celebrate and share ours with you.



The Wislers

Set to be married on

December 4th, 2022




This is Our Story


"I just sort of always knew. I knew he was the one all along deep deep.. deep down in my heart. I never pursued a relationship before, and that goes hand in hand with being a super picky people person. I've always preferred a smaller group of friends, no drama, no bullshit. Same went for boys! I'm beyond grateful to be marrying my first boyfriend and bestfriend.


Yes - we met playing video games! League of Legends to be exact. Back in 2015, we were both in tough places with our health (autoimmune) and mental issues. I lived in Florida with my family, and I was just beginning my senior year of high school. He lived all the way in Arizona! For some reason, the distance didn't scare me one bit since I knew he was it for me and I was content. 

He continually showed a heart of gold towards others, and his character was the biggest attraction for me. Plus, we got along seamlessly and had so so much in common! We did long distance for 8 months, visiting each other as often as the bank would allow and creating unique memories. One of my fondest is when he flew to FL to meet my family and I got to teach him how to surf and we went to disney together!! Once I graduated high school, we were given the opportunity to pursue individual college careers under the same roof in Arizona! We went through so much over the next few years - new jobs, new colleges, new passions. I moved out and lived with roommates, and we had a good mix of typical and not so typical relationship problems, as all do. 

I'm beyond happy we have overcome so much together, and continue to become a stronger team as we tackle more of our lives. Through all these years, the one thing that's been consistent is the love and passion I have for Hudson, and it's been the driving factor in every decision I've made since coming to the west coast. I cannot wait to marry my best friend and continue building a beautiful life full of  new traditions, beautiful memories and loved ones. What else matters, right??" 


''She chased me down, I really had no choice. She made herself known and her intentions were crystal clear... how could I not love this girl? With the incredible support of my parents, family, and friends we have built the most beautiful life together --I wake up feeling blessed every day knowing that I have my partner, we can do anything together. 


Life really started pushing me in a direction, post-college, that was uncomfortable and uncharted territory for me. But that's really where the growth happens, doesn't it? I found myself thriving in a new and exciting way with Madie, it was time to buy the damn rock. My mom and I took an epic journey to the jewelry store, which made for some unforgettable memories, and man it was so easy to find the ring. I knew as soon as I saw it. 


I couldn't keep a secret to save my life --I think I told almost everyone I knew what I was about to do, I have never been so excited for anything in my life. I wanted to take Madie to one of our original spots, Snowbowl in Flagstaff, AZ where I first took her when she visited in Feb of 2016. My plan was to drive her up the mountain, in the snow, and pop the question by a tree we had carved our names into years ago. To say the least, that's not what happened.


Installing snow chains on a 2WD Kia Soul was the dumbest idea of all time, completely obliterated the ABS system and the brakes failed. We could not make it up the mountain, stressed isn't even the right word to describe my emotion. Then Nate came in and rented us a car (4WD) so that I could complete my mission, but we couldn't get up the mountain because it was at capacity... so plan B? We found a park with a beautiful bridge, I finally could ask her..... and she said YES. Mission accomplished."

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